Benoît & Dionne

We offer a variety of grades of green or kiln-dried softwood lumber, produced from wood species known for their strength, stability, light weight, and good workability. Used worldwide for specialized construction applications such as framing, all are manufactured in compliance with Canadian Lumber Association grading rules.

SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir); Balsam Fir; Jack Pine; Black Spruce;
Tamarack; Larch; Hemlock; Northern Species

Rough, dressed dry or green, Precision End Trim (PET), Double End Trim (DET) heat treated,
drying as per customer request, paper wrapped

Premium, Grade #2 and better, grade #3, standard, utility, economy, Stud, MSR

"J" grade, JAS, Bedframe/sofa components, Lumber for treatment,
bar coded products, H.T., pallet stock