Commercial and industrial lumber sales

Since 1986, Benoit & Dionne Produits Forestiers Ltee. continues to build a strong reputation supplying bulk lumber to dealers and manufacturers across Canada and throughout North America. Our business has grown by providing value in the supply chain to loyal clients through direct from mill sourcing, using just-in-time shipments. By locating carriers and wood suppliers who willingly work closely with our team to provide the best possible service and price, we continue to adapt to changing market demands.

Primary products, sourced from lumberyards in Eastern and/or Western Canada, are green or kiln dried softwood (SPF), rough timber, MSR lumber, and rough or bleached lumber cut according to dimensions and lengths adapted to client needs. We supply any grade produced in compliance with the Canadian Lumber Association, including Specialty Grade Lumber such as "J" grade, JAS, bed-frame/sofa components, lattice, ferring strips, lumber for treatment, bar coded products, Heat Treated lumber, pallet stock, etc. Our aim is to provide you with the grades and quality you need at a minimum cost.

Our team of expert brokers and traders share a focus on meeting specific individual client needs. Their extensive experience, with knowledge of the market, effective relationships with suppliers and carriers mean you will benefit from the best service and price available anywhere.

Working with all players in our coordinated supply chain team, you will have the product you need, at an acceptable price, delivered where and when you want it.